Skrill Online Pokies New Zealand

There is a little confusion surrounding Skrill with many online players at the moment, since, although they have been in operation for a very long time, it has been under the name Moneybookers. The good news is that the only change in business has been the name for this company, and it is still providing the high-quality online payment service it always has, albeit under a new moniker.

Moneybookers was begun in 2001, and rapidly climbed the popularity charts in terms of banking methods at online casinos worldwide. Rebranding necessitated a name-change, but it continues to provide total safety and security for the pokies and other real money games you enjoy playing online, and does so conveniently and with a level of user-friendliness that allows even complete newcomers to confidently conduct their banking transactions by means of it.

The vast majority of online casinos allow for their players to select Skrill as a payment method, and this online payment service offers support in a number of different languages and currencies. Look forward to top quality entertainment at the casinos recommended here at, and let this company provide you with all the mobile service; tech and customer service you may require. You will not be required to check currency conversion dates constantly, or check and double-check the balance in your account: all of the nitty-gritty is accomplished with the click of a button!

Many casinos also offer extra incentives for players using Skrill, and will allow you to earn a little something extra simply for making use of it. Excellent limits for cash and transfers ensure that you are never left hanging when you want to spend some time at an online casino, and the safety and protection provided by this company ensure you are never in danger of compromising your online identity at any point of play.


Choosing an Online Casino for Play

The reviewers at have personally checked each aspect of the online casinos we recommend, and you no longer need to employ trial and error in order to find a good pokies game on your desktop; laptop; smartphone or tablet. Everything you need to know is outlined here, and you can simply browse the information supplied and find your perfect real money online casino fit in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, with Skrill provided as a banking option at almost all the places we have deemed worthwhile!

Online gambling is enjoying an almost extraordinary level of popularity, and pokies games are the first choice for the majority of players who enter this virtual world. With spare time being in such short supply currently, we understand that you don’t have the means to double-check each aspect of the places you are considering playing at, but don’t want to compromise on fun; real money rewards or safety.

Let us help you find the game you are looking for, and choose Skrill to ease your banking transactions when you do!